What is Yesh?

Yesh Shabbat is a premier Modern Orthodox summer program for ages 10-18. It offers world-class instruction in over 40 subjects such as sports, kosher cooking, the arts and internships. It instills the importance of Jewish culture, tradition and Halacha through Midot, Chesed and Mitzvot.

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Students from over 35 states and 40 Countries! Come together with students from all over the world and experience Philadelphia! Amazing university campuses, museums, food, history, culture…Philly is the place to be this summer!

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Our Philosophy

The perfect balance between learning, fun and religious life. Our Torah-based program focuses on Mitzvot, Derech Eretz, Shabbat and an appreciation for Judaism while our professional instructors teach you new skills and help you develop friendships.

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Success Stories

  • Janice L

    Yesh Shabbat was a refreshing change from regular sleep away camp. I got to do exactly what interested me and met fantastic kids from all over the world.

    – Lizzi R., Student

  • Janice L

    I've never been to a camp where they care this much about your personal happiness.

    – Molly V., Student

  • Janice L

    I love how everyone is so close no matter what your age. And I love how important tefilah is to the camp.

    – Isaac B., Student

  • Janice L

    We admire Yesh Shabbat for your continuous quest to infuse the campers with a positive energy wherever they may be (shul, dining room, activities, etc.).

    – Shira & Yudi Teichman, Parents

  • Janice L

    This was the best Shabbat ever.

    – Shari Samuel, Student

Get to know Julian

  • When I learned about my lineage and the impact my ancestors made in the Jewish world it made me realize my responsibility. I started Yesh Shabbat to give Jewish teens a sense of identity and the same opportunities afforded to other teens.

  • Teens love choice. We provide lots of choices: from your program to your classes to your weekend trips!

  • We listen to our customers and trend spot. Then, we develop curricula with the experts: professional chefs, artists and designers, college professors and touring tennis pros. In 37 years, we've never offered the exact same class twice!

  • Over the years we continually add classes that students request; that’s how we've developed programs students love.

Julian Krinsky


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Shalom Yeshies,

Wow - what an amazing summer for all of us at Yesh Shabbat and JKCP.

Memories galore – bus trips to Rita’s, movies, shopping, Hershey Park, paintball etc. Lots of laughs, not too much crying…fun and learning and Yiddishkeit!

I am happy to report that all of our other 21 JKCP programs have grown considerably. University of Pennsylvania is ‘out of the ceiling’ – enormous growth. Villanova University up 25% and Haverford College Junior Camp up 30%.

It is with the above in mind and with a very heavy heart that I write to you to tell you that after 14 of the best summer times at Yesh, I am closing the program.

I hope you will all understand that my heart has been with Yesh all of this time. Everyone in the office jokes that Yesh has always been my “favorite”. And, I think they were right! It was such a special program with a mission and love for Judaism that was inspiring. Those memories will always be with me.

Here is a short video of a few of our favorite memories from over the years:

I hope you will stay in touch, share your simchas and know that I am always there for all of you:

Email: JulianK@jkcp.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/julian.krinsky

Much love and thanks for being a part of Yesh Shabbat and for making it so extraordinary. I wish you and your family great health and happiness.